Architecture stack for 2019

When an IT consultant/architect/developer wakes up in the morning he knows that he has to study a new programming language before the fullstack runs away.

And that the new programming language tomorrow is already deprecated.

If you want to save your big fat neck today you have to know at least 80% of next languages.

Frontend layer

Angular and or React (better both, I know it’s not possible if you have also a private life).

If you have to choose today, for example, if you start programming now, I bet on React.
Rest WS as a client

Backend layer

Node.js and or Java (Spring it’s enough).
API Rest WS (Ok with Spring).

DB layer

MongoDb (or any nosql db) and or Oracle (or MySql or any sql db)

But there is good news. All Network layer is simple to manage now, thanks to different infrastructure-as-service like AWS, Firebase and Heroku

If you know all above things, well, you can continue sleep 30 minutes more!