Continues Integration (CI)

CI is the development methodology of DevOps, for which developers commit regularly in a centralised repository where build and test are executed automatically.

Through CI, developers commit frequently in the repo under a version control system, Git for instance.

Before commit they can execute a unit test locally.

A CI service, then, creates the build automatically and starts unit tests on the new code. If the code is good the build will create an artifact and will store it in a software repo(sitory)

In this way there is the big advantage to discover issues early


Tolls used in CI are:

  • IDE, for coding (Eclipse, Visual studio, Atom, PYCHARM,….)
  • VCS, to store the code (GIT, SVN, TFS,…)
  • Build tools, based on the programming language (Maven, Ant, MSBuild, Visual Build, …)
  • Software Repository, to store artifacts (Nexus, JFrog, Archivia, …)
  • CI Tools, that integrate everything (Jenkins, CircleCI, Bamboo, …)