REST API Error handling

In this article we saw, in general, which HTTP methods and status code to use in CRUD operation.

Now let’s see better which http status code to use in our API.

There are more than 70 status code, but I suggest to use only the common ones.

HTTP Status codeWhen to use
201 Createdafter insert (POST)
400 Bad RequestClient wrong params
404 Not Foundduring a GET and the object is not found
401 Not Authorized
403 Forbidden
500 Internal Server Errorin every back end issue

Standard Error Template

  text: "message",
  timestamp: new Date(),
  method: httpMethod,
  endpoit: endpointInformation,
  errors: [
      code: codeSpecificApplication, 
      text: "errorMessage",
      hints: ["hints to help the user", "hint 2", ...],
      info: "Link to more info"
  payload: {request payload} (optional, just for debug)